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Here are 3 major reasons that Zirconia crowns are better than regular crowns

Zirconia Crowns are often the choice for clinicians and dentists who wish to provide their patients with the best dental restorations. These crowns are the most preferred over conventional PFMs (Porcelain Fused to Metal) or full gold crowns because of their durability, strength, and excellent aesthetics. Most of the dentists use Zirconia exclusively over all-ceramic restorations when they are trying to restore a single tooth. Zirconia crowns may also require chamfer margins for better results. Layered zirconia or high translucent zirconia can be either cemented or screw-retained.

Here are 3 major reasons that Zirconia crowns are better than regular crowns

Biocompatible: The major advantage that the Zirconia has is its high compatibility and due to this, it won’t cause allergies in patients who suffer from allergic reactions to PFM restorations. There may be dental patients who may be allergic to the alloys that are used for the fabrication of PFM crowns. And if you have patients who have these kinds of allergies, you should suggest Zirconia crowns. Zirconia possesses excellent biocompatibility that makes the bridges and crowns prepared from Zirconia extremely safe for clinical use inside the mouth

Suits the needs of your patients and reduces chair time: There are many ways Zirconia can be manufactured so that they suit the needs of your patients and that includes a wide variety of factors including processing requirements and chemical composition. Due to the customization, errors are minimized and it also ensures an excellent fit for each individual. Zirconia crowns are made with the help of computer-aided design and advanced manufacturing processes and due to this, they help provide a precise fit for your patients. This helps in reducing the chairside time that is required for adjusting and cementing these restorations

Stronger and provides an aesthetic look: Strength is one of the best qualities that a Zirconia crown has. Unlike Porcelain, it doesn’t chip off as it is highly resistant to wear and tear. Zirconia is also known to be five times stronger than porcelain and this is the main reason that it is an excellent choice for patients who have issues with other materials used for the crown. Zirconia is also a favorite as they give a natural look. It also resembles natural tooth enamel because of its colour and translucency. When it comes to Zirconia crowns, there are not many downsides to consider. These crowns offer much more by way of benefits to your dental patient and offer only a few side effects. But, each patient has his or her own needs and needs to be evaluated on a case by case situation.

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