Implant Prostheses

RR Dental Lab is dedicated to providing the dental profession with state-of-the-art and cost- effective implant prostheses. Our team of expert implant specialists has the training, talent and experience to assist you right from case design, case plan and case estimation up to the final delivery of the prosthesis.

RR Dental Lab is a one-stop-shop for all implant restorations. We provide

  • Comprehensive Implant prosthetic solutions.

  • Efficient high-end systems and workflows.

  • Reliable, clinically-proven original systems

  • Precise design and consistent high quality. We have a wide range of implant prosthetic solutions for you:

  • Screw retained implant prosthesis

  • Cement retained implant prosthesis

  • Screw retained crown and bridge

  • Screw retained hybrid prosthesis

Screw retained implant prosthesis

Screw-retained dental implants are suitable for both single and multiple implant prosthesis. The screw-access-holes are discreetly located and are designed to provide minimal disturbance to occlusion.

Why to choose

  • Easily retrievable as screw retained implants can be removed without damaging the restoration

  • Predictable retention

  • Gingival health may be improved when no cement is necessary

  • Removable for regular maintenance and oral hygiene

  • Immediate loading, when indicated

  • High implant stability through rigid splinting when used for multiple implants.

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