Surgical Guide

Surgical guides allow doctors to plan an implant virtually and then precisely place an implant in the safest, predictable, and well-organized manner. In addition to increased accuracy, patients will also save chair time.

What is a Surgical Guide:

Surgical guides are the modern advancement in dental implant technology. A surgical guide is made by taking impressions on an intraoral scan of the desired surgical implant site as well as a computer-guided 3D implant planning system. A surgical guide imitates the exact surfaces of the patient's intraoral setting and helps the surgeon to drill implants into the bone with optimal precision.

Pros Of Surgical Guide

One of the main benefits of using a surgical guide is increased accuracy. This not only minimizes surgery time, but also minimizes trauma, pain, and swelling for patients. In turn, it leads to a quicker recovery time for patients.

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