Implant Prosthesis

. What is an Implant?

Implants are Titanium/Zirconia based material which are surgically placed inside the jaw which mimics the root of the tooth.

. What is implant dental prosthesis?

. What are the types of implant prosthesis?

. What is Screw Retained prosthesis?

. What is cement retained prosthesis?

Types of Implant Prosthesis based on the material used

At RR dental labs we make both permanent and provisional prosthesis

Provisional implant prosthesis

these are temporary implant prosthesis made out of poly methyl methacrylate. the main purpose is to maintain aesthetics and gives a psychological reinforcement for the patient especially when the implants are placed in aesthetic region. PMMA also is an excellent material for immediate loading of implant as they transfer fewer forces onto the implant.
The number of mucormycosis patients who had undergone extensive resective surgeries has increased exponentially post COVID-19 outbreak. we at RR dental labs are proud to let you know that we provide fixed prosthetic PMMA supported prosthesis for such patients.

Permanent implant prosthesis

Implant prosthesis that is given once the implants are stable and which withstands the masticatory forces in the mouth are called permanent implant prosthesis.
Prosthetic material used in the prosthesis we make at RR dental labs

PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate)

it is a long-term temporary prosthesis which are used on both single unit and multiple implants. At RR dental labs we make the best use of technology and we mill as well as 3D print PMMA prosthesis. the advantage of milling or 3D printing of PMMA over traditional technique is there is no polymerization shrinkage which makes it more convenient for the operator and reducing the chair time of the patient.


composite as a superstructure is used at RR dental labs for PEEK substructures making it aesthetically pleasing for the patient.


Direct metal laser sintering is a type of metal additive manufacturing technique of Cobalt Chromium alloy with which we at RR dental labs form frameworks for multiple implants and full mouth restorations.


RR dental labs is one of the very few dental labs in the world to have a titanium MLS machine with which we can provide frameworks for full mouth implant patients. Titanium is a very biocompatible material making it ideal for all dental restorations. As both, dental implants as well as the prosthesis are made out of same material, the probability of prosthesis fracture or implant failure has greatly reduced. Titanium is also used in Paulo-Malo frameworks making zirconia a viable option for full mouth implant patients.

Zirconia (CAD/CAM)

Milled zirconia is used along with Titanium or PEEK frameworks

PEEK (polyethyl ether ketone)

PEEK is one of the most advanced materials in dentistry. Because of its high strength and high aesthetic consideration we at RR dental labs use it for making implant frameworks. Paulo-Malo framework also uses PEEK as a substructure

Paulo Malo framework

zirconia crowns for completely edentulous patients had always been a myth as individual zirconia crowns on a metal framework increases the weight of the prosthesis exponentially. with the introduction of Paulo-Malo frameworks RR dental labs have eliminated the shortcoming of zirconia crowns for edentulous patients. Paulo-Malo framework we fabricate at RR dental labs is a titanium/PEEK substructure with individual crowns of zirconia keeping in mind of both functional and aesthetic requirements of the patient.


With the increasing awareness of oral health and needs of the patients, there have been constant modifications and advancements in all types of dental treatments. With the increase in the number of implant companies and implant designs we at RR dental labs believe in keeping ourselves updated and at par with the current trends in dental implant systems and implant prosthesis.

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